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Pinlock has been collaborating with Astone helmets by supplying its world renown fog resistant insert lenses for Astone’s wide range of motorcycle helmets. Pinlock offers a wide selection of fog resistant insert lenses for Astone helmets. The range of insert lens options includes the Pinlock 70 performance level lens, coloured lenses, 100% Max Vision and ProtecTINT.


Pinlock offers 3 different performance levels for its insert lenses to combat fog during challenging climate conditions to ensure your safety and comfort. For Astone the Pinlock 70 and Pinlock 120 are available.


Astone Helmets is a French brand of Ridervalley Aixstream group group dedicated to motorcycle helmets. Astone helmets covers The depth range covers hopefully all of your needs to the full cross helmet. The products developed to meet safety standards and are subject to certification. As such, our helmets fit into the category of PPE (personal protective equipment) and allow you to switch your license with confidence.